Turbocharged Leadership can provide custom, interactive workshops specific to your individual needs. Current topics include:

We believe in using multiple modalities of learning, including:

Keynote Half-Day
One Day
Two Day
Zen Leadership in Turbulent Times Leadership becomes a vital component of success for any organization during turbulent times. This session will illuminate the need for laser-sharp focus and stillness to maintain high individual and team performance. PDF brochure (193KB, 7 February, 2011)
Resilience Training Our unsettled time has placed a huge burden of stress on the majority of workers' shoulders. This workshop will help your employees understand what causes stress, its effect on their behavior, physical and mental health, and ways to alleviate the stress and effectively prepare their body to deal with it. PDF brochure (193KB, 28 January, 2011)
Annual Manager Training To remain effective, all leaders must take time for reflection, self-development, and to review current trends. This custom workshop will address all areas necessary to keep the leaders in your organization fresh and actively engaged with team members. PDF brochure (193KB, 28 January, 2011)
New Manager and Team Leader Training The transition from an individual contributor to a team leader or manager is frequently one of the most difficult career changes. This custom workshop will jump start new leaders to become people-focused in addition to task-focused. PDF brochure (193KB, 7 February, 2011)
Executive Retreats An important element of superior leadership is periodically removing yourself from day-to-day operational issues and assessing the current state of your organization, trends, possible future directions and creating action plans for the year ahead. These custom developed retreats utilize structured techniques to systematically develop a compelling strategy and action plan for your organization. PDF brochure (193KB, 28 January, 2011)
High Performance Leadership High potential leaders require rigorous, thought-provoking leadership development to prepare them for future challenges. This workshop will stretch current leaders to think deeper about team dynamics, leadership at different levels, and self-development. PDF brochure (193KB, 28 January, 2011)
Taking Your Team to the Next Level High performing teams are like a race car—the engine must be capable of sustained performance at high RPMs and every single part must be finely tuned for optimum performance. Custom developed workshops will address the specific needs of your team to enhance team performance and reduce conflict and turnover. PDF brochure (193KB, 28 January, 2011)
Repairing a Dysfunctional Team Occasionally a team becomes mired in conflict, lost sense of purpose or cohesiveness and requires remedial assistance. This custom workshop will utilize structured techniques to bring issues to the surface, explore corrective paths, and develop action plans to restore team performance. PDF brochure (193KB, 28 January, 2011)
Leadership is Focus Learn how the myriad of leadership attributes can be distilled down to a single element—focus. This provocative talk will bring fresh ideas to your leaders to motivate their team to higher performance. PDF brochure (193KB, 28 January, 2011)
Leadership & The Field How broad is your energetic field? What kind of field do you create: collaborative, innovative, divisive, fearful? Do you allow other people's field to interact with yours? Learn how to become aware of your field, others' fields, and how to create the kind of energetic field you want - to create the legacy that you desire. PDF brochure (193KB, 28 January, 2011)
Nurturing Creative Teams Fostering and nurturing creativity requires exemplary leadership skills. This uplifting talk is perfect for an inventor recognition event or to motivate creative team members. PDF brochure (193KB, 28 January, 2011)
Personality & Leadership Styles A leader's style will always reflect their personality. Learn the strengths of your personality and how to incorporate them into an effective leadership style. PDF brochure (193KB, 7 February, 2011)
Team Dynamics & Conflict As team members work toward their common goals positive and negative interactions occur. This session will illustrate common interactions and help you harness that energy toward your team goals. PDF brochure (193KB, 28 January, 2011)
The Value of HR We often find it difficult to elaborate the benefits of theHuman Resources (HR) organization or justify why it should have a place at the executive leadership table. This talk will elaborate the reasons HR should be a strategic partner and the value and return on investment (ROI) that HR can bring. PDF brochure - (193KB, 28 January, 2011)

PDF brochure of all topics (303KB, 7 February, 2011)

Individual Sessions

Turbocharged Leadership will meet with you to:

Structure of an engagement:

Find out what Turbocharged Leadership can do for:

Assessments Used

Turbocharged Leadership uses many objective, scientifically validated assessments for team training, leadership and employee training and self-development, and organizational development.

Other assessments are available and used as needed.

Team Development

Team development tools can be used to improve communication, evaluate conflict styles, role development, group culture, and job satisfaction. Some of the instruments used include:


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